Hello Summer!

It’s finally here! Only the best season ever to indulge in delicious ice cream without feeling too guilty… or still feeling a little guilty but not really…because its SUMMER!!! But wait…is summer the only acceptable time to have ice cream? Hmm…I think I have ice cream all the time but who keeps track of the seasons anyways!

So I don’t know about you…but the hardest part about ice cream is deciding what flavour to go for. With so many options, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. I like to consider myself a sweet person (literally) as I enjoy dessert almost as much as I enjoy my cheese. Key word almost… any who, after a salty meal or snack, I tend to find myself craving something sweet to feel satisfied. Now don’t get me wrong, I love just a typical ice cream to satisfy my sweet tooth, but a combination of sweet flavours really tugs at the heart strings.

So imagine this, an ice cream with a think layer of cookie dough at the base of your ice cream cup, filled with a red velvet brownie soft serve ice cream…Life Changing or what?


Well this creative concoction can be found just a short trip away for me, in Toronto Ontario. Located on the beautiful Queen Street West, “Junked” offers many cookie dough flavours combined with rich, creamy and satisfying soft serve ice cream. Be sure to stop here if you are looking for the collision between sweet and sweeter. Also might I add in, this ice cream was so worth almost missing my flight home…which I still wish I did miss so I could still be sitting here enjoying it.

IMG_0155 (1)

So cheers to the beginning of summer…to warm sunny weather and ice cream!



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