Let’s Guac & Roll

Do you ever get that craving for guacamole? A spread you can add to almost anything and enjoy anytime of the day! This dip is so simple to make and much easier to indulge in. After having the first scoop on your chip or cracker you start feeling ready to Guac and Roll… Seriously!

So try it out for yourself. Whip up my quick and easy Guacomole recipe and get ready to Guac & roll!

Samantha Says Lets Guac & Roll

yields 1 1/2 cups


– 5 Avocados (peeled and pitted)

– 2 TBSP lemon juice or lime juice

– 1 1/2 minced garlic cloves (can be adjusted depending on how garlicky you want it)

– 1/2 chopped up red onion

– Salt and pepper to taste


Simply add all the ingredients in a bowl and mash together. The guacamole can be refrigerated (with the pit placed in the dish), otherwise I would suggest serving or eating it right away.

Then of course the last step…Enjoy!!!








Hello Summer!

It’s finally here! Only the best season ever to indulge in delicious ice cream without feeling too guilty… or still feeling a little guilty but not really…because its SUMMER!!! But wait…is summer the only acceptable time to have ice cream? Hmm…I think I have ice cream all the time but who keeps track of the seasons anyways!

So I don’t know about you…but the hardest part about ice cream is deciding what flavour to go for. With so many options, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. I like to consider myself a sweet person (literally) as I enjoy dessert almost as much as I enjoy my cheese. Key word almost… any who, after a salty meal or snack, I tend to find myself craving something sweet to feel satisfied. Now don’t get me wrong, I love just a typical ice cream to satisfy my sweet tooth, but a combination of sweet flavours really tugs at the heart strings.

So imagine this, an ice cream with a think layer of cookie dough at the base of your ice cream cup, filled with a red velvet brownie soft serve ice cream…Life Changing or what?


Well this creative concoction can be found just a short trip away for me, in Toronto Ontario. Located on the beautiful Queen Street West, “Junked” offers many cookie dough flavours combined with rich, creamy and satisfying soft serve ice cream. Be sure to stop here if you are looking for the collision between sweet and sweeter. Also might I add in, this ice cream was so worth almost missing my flight home…which I still wish I did miss so I could still be sitting here enjoying it.

IMG_0155 (1)

So cheers to the beginning of summer…to warm sunny weather and ice cream!



The Road to 18…

Wow it’s been awhile, can you guess what I’ve been doing?… Eating and travelling of course. Now before I get started on my recent adventures, I’m going to share with you a funny yet very excessive adventure that all started one year ago today.

My girlfriends and I travelled Europe for 5 weeks and honestly we saw a lot, but we ate even more. You know what they say, go big or go home! With much of our time spent eating and enjoying the culinary arts throughout Europe, you could imagine what could happen. Five weeks abroad and 2890 photos of food… Yes I’m not kidding, it’s all food!


Not only does your photo stream get very big, but that weight scale sure does go up… I hate to admit it but the road to 18 is a real thing! It all began on June 1st, 2016 while sitting in the Toronto airport eating and taking shots during an 8 hour layover before the big adventure.

Now lets fast forward to Ibiza Spain. Alcohol’s best friend is food! So after a day of boozing, boating, and beaching… we needed food to survive. We stopped at this place off the beach which served the widest variety of food… we ended up ordering lasagna, sushi, and pizza. Now that doesn’t sound like much but we may or may not have doubled everything we ordered… but you will never know because surprisingly this was the only food photo from this stop. I’m blaming it on the alcohol!


So not only did we over-eat in Ibiza, but the next stop was Rome. Which as you can imagine was carb century. So you obviously know we ate, but what you might not know is that our hotel was right beside a gelato café. I’m not going to lie, more then once a day we made a stop here for that life changing scoop of gelato.


So on our last day in Rome, where we had already had our intake of Gelato for the day, it was time to find somewhere to eat. It was recommended to us to try this little Italian restaurant named Trattoria Luzzi. I highly recommend it as the food was life changing, the service was good and the atmosphere was a blast!

So picture this, three hungry girls walk into this small little Italian restaurant in Rome. We are then greeted by our waitress and seated at a table. The restaurant offered so many choices of pasta that we could not decide what to order… so we each decided to order two dishes. Okay I know excessive right, most people would share their dishes, but not us. Proceeding, my friend ordered first, “Can I get the Penne dish and the Ravioli dish” and the waitress walked away… she had thought that was our order for the whole table. I’m sure most people would as that’s a lot of pasta for one person… but not for us! We honestly gave her a heart attack when we called her back over to let her know that was just for one person. She then took all of our orders where we had also added a starter salad each. She said “no, I will bring one for the table” We could not stop laughing. She probably was thinking we were ordering food to take home. Anyways, once our pasta dishes arrived, we thought it would be funny to finish our plates as fast as we could. So not even 5 minutes had past and all three of our plates were clean (this included both pasta dishes each). The waitress returned and was shocked thinking that we had hid the pasta under the table. She was so shocked she left our table to go tell the rest of her staff. We became the laughing joke at the restaurant that evening.


Now you must be thinking we must have gone into a food coma by now, or that we are just disgusting for eating that much food. Well let me tell you one thing, we enjoyed every second of it (minutes can not be used here because it was all inhaled in under 5…). But wait, we didn’t stop there. Sarcastically our waitress cleaned off our table and offered us dessert. We laughed and said “yes we will have a tiramisu”. She thought we were kidding, but us Canadian girls don’t kid around about our food. So that tiramisu came out and we ate it up faster then you could say “Rome”. So by now we were getting a little full, but we were having too much fun to leave. Our waitress returned asking if she could get us anything else (sarcastically of course). So I had asked her for a pizza to go. She laughed and said “No here is your bill”. So you could say we got cut off from food that night but it definitely made our last night in Rome something to remember!


So our stop in Rome was only about half way through the 5 weeks. After that meal we had told ourselves that we weren’t going to go all out like that again.

Not even 24 hours had past and we were in Sorrento at a fancy restaurant ordering a full 5 course meal.


well clearly you can see that we were unstoppable! But let me tell you, the road to 18 was the best experience of my life… So far😉

So if there is anything you take from this, don’t give up on the food chances you can take. Honestly my experience was worth every pound!